At Asher Biotherapeutics, we are pioneering a new approach with our cis‑targeted immunotherapies. Our immunotherapies selectively activate only the immune cell types that drive the desired therapeutic response. With this innovation, we address an inherent shortcoming of conventional immunotherapies, which indiscriminately act on multiple cell types, resulting in suboptimal efficacy and side effects.

Cis-targeting: Achieving the next level of selectivity for immunotherapies

What is cis-targeting?

Cis-targeted immunotherapies engage two receptors on the same immune cell: an immunomodulatory receptor and a specific target that directs the therapy to the desired immune cell type.


Why is our immunotherapy approach unique?

By only activating the immunomodulatory receptor when the targeted antigen is present on the same cell, our cis-targeted immunotherapies offer a new level of selectivity, with optimized efficacy and minimized toxicity.

Separating the curves with IL-2, a powerful mediator of the immune system

The lead molecule in our pipeline, AB248, a cis-targeted IL-2 that specifically activates CD8+ effector T cells has shown the potential for superior anti-tumor activity as compared to other IL-2 targeted therapies currently available and in clinical development.


Our experienced team is focused on what matters most: patients

Captured in our mission, our name, and our guiding principles is the belief that our medicines can have significant impact and that there’s an urgency to make rapid progress for patients.


Join us to light up a new path for immunotherapy

Find a career at Asher Bio that’s right for you. Be part of a team that is rising above conventional approaches to make a big impact for patients.


April 16, 2024

Asher Bio Closes $55 Million Series C Financing to Advance Lead Program into Phase 1b Clinical Trials


April 3, 2024

Asher Bio Announces Publications in Cancer Discovery Highlighting the Differentiated Profile of AB248, its CD8+ T Cell Selective IL-2 Product Candidate



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