Our pioneering platform enables cis-targeted immunotherapies.

Cis-targeting has the potential to solve the most significant and challenging problem with immunotherapies: selectivity.

We are addressing a decades-old challenge of precision immune cell targeting.

Drug developers have tried to direct the immune system to treat disease, but have been unable to achieve the ideal level of precision. This is in part due to the inherent complexity of the immune system, which requires the coordinated action of many different cell types, as well as the abundant expression of immunotherapy targets across diverse cell types. Asher Bio is transforming the power of immunotherapy with new medicines designed to selectively activate only the immune cell types that promote a beneficial therapeutic effect, while simultaneously avoiding the opposing, antagonistic, and toxic effects driven by other immune cell types.

Our lead program is AB248, a cis-targeted IL-2 immunotherapy.

AB248 has shown superior anti-tumor activity in preclinical models compared to other IL-2 therapies currently available and in clinical development. As a potential best-in-class IL-2, we are developing AB248 for the treatment of solid tumors. Beyond AB248, Asher Bio is applying our cis-targeting discovery platform to develop additional immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune disease, and infectious disease.

Our team is experienced, entrepreneurial, and inspired.

Our leaders and scientific founders have deep expertise in immunotherapies and in building successful biotech companies. We are thriving and growing in the biotech hub of South San Francisco.

Management Team

Scientific Founders

Board of Directors

Craig Gibbs, PhD, MBA – Chief Executive Officer of Asher Bio
Ivana Djuretic, PhD – Founder, Chief Scientific Officer of Asher Bio
Reid Huber, PhD – Partner at Third Rock Ventures
Jeffrey Tong, PhD – Partner at Third Rock Ventures


Boxer Capital
Mission Bay Capital
Y Combinator

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